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Club policies

The club has a number of policies that all club members and spectators have to abide by.

 These are all contained in a rule book and members guide.

Copies of these can be downloaded from the  club website.

 Code of Conduct for Coaches and Volunteers

 Code of Conduct for Players

 Anti-bullying Policy

 Changing Policy

 Transport Policy

 Complaints Policy

 Code of Conduct for Parents and Spectators

 Player Selection Policy

 Heath & Safety Policy 

Whistleblowers Policy

Social Media Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Latest info for juniors and parents will appear here.

The last Saturday morning training sessions will finish on  21 July.

We are looking for parent helpers to assist with the younger group. If you are interested please let us know at the next training session.


The club has set the 2018 membership fees for juniors at £40 per year that includes all the outside training.  There is a reduction by 25% for the second child (£30) and the third child is free. These costs go towards the training of coaches and equipment needed for training. It also covers for insurance for the club. There are financial arrangements for low income families. Non-members are not covered. Membership forms can be obtained from the club secretary or from the following links 

- New membership

- Renewal

Hardwick & Caldecote cricket club is dedicated to training young people from age 5 to adult and promote them forward for club and representative cricket .


Coaches. The club only uses coaches that have been through rigorous training by ECB officials and all have first aid training as well as Disclosure Barring Service certificates.  These coaches, occasionally with the aid of parents, do all training of juniors and all matches are carried out with a coach present.

 Coaches names

Pete Laughlin

Chris Fuller

Kieran Gibbons

Alex Wilson

James Northfield

Coaches have to undertake paid intensive courses that have to be renewed every three years.

Guidance for Coaches and Managers at matches 

Helpful notes for Managers/Coaches for Junior games

 You can help yourself by passing on jobs to the players and parents that need doing prior to the match and after the game.

A good way to get people involved is to email the duties copying in the team when the team is selected so everyone knows what they are doing and surprisingly they remind each other.

Before the game and after the game Items to do are

Boundary flags, table, scoreboard and numbers, chairs, kit bag, stumps and bails, rope and stakes (try to keep the rope as a boundary rather than coiled up as it will save time at the end of a game

During the game match fee collection, scorer needed and/or umpire.

During the interval break biscuits, squash/drinks home and away. Claim these from the match fees.

After the game the result (only for home game) needs to be entered onto the club’s playcricket website. You will require access to do this.

 Your pack should contain the following

 1.  Rules of the competition (League Handbook).

2.  Envelopes for the match fees.

3.  Spare membership forms

4.   Info on ECB codes of conduct, fines etc

5.  Incident/accident form

6.  Key to the storage shed at Hardwick.

7.  Contact details of club officials

8.  Fixtures card

9.  ECB safe hands policy

10.   List of registered players with contact details

Junior cricket training is at Hardwick Recreation Ground. Saturday mornings 9.30 to 10.30am

Welfare Officer

Our club has to have a welfare officer that attends regular courses on child protection. Chris Fuller is the club's child protection person who will deal with any concerns a parent, player or spectator may have with regards to children playing for the club.

As a club we are very aware we want to make it child friendly and hope that we are adopting the best possible practices to limit any worries parents or children may have.

Cricket games

All junior cricket games are run by the Cambridgeshire Youth Cricket Association and start at 6pm during the week.  Under 10 and 11 games should finish by 8pm and under 12 – 15 games finish by 8.45pm. Games are usually against clubs in the neighbouring villages, so distance is not an issue. Players need to be at the ground ready to play at least 15 minutes before the game starts. In some cases this may be earlier.


Match fees for cricket games are £2 per player. All players are requested to pay on time on the day of the match. A parent will be assigned to collect the match fees so that the manager or coach is free to deal with the players.


Registration to leagues. All players have to be registered to the respective leagues that they will play in. They will remain registered to that club unless there is a request to move to another club. Players moving from another club will need to advise their previous club to release them. Providing that there are no outstanding debts the releasing club should do that within four working days


Clothing for matches

The club does not expect juniors to buy lots of kit until they are really keen to play. In matches up to and including under 11s all that is required is light clothing that is loose so they can run and chase balls. We do not recommend buying a bat as soon as they join as we can provide bats and protective gear for training and matches. Under 11s when they play hardball cricket will require a protective box. These are a few pounds in a local sports supplier, which parents are requested to buy for hygienic reasons.

Once the junior decides to pursue cricket as a sport you can purchase shirts and trousers from the club’s clothing website. However, you can also purchase similar clothing from any reputable sports stockist.

We recommend that all juniors purchase a cap from the club to protect from the sun during games/training.  


Training for juniors is on a Saturday morning 9.30 - 10.30am at Hardwick recreation ground on Egremont Road. This commences mid April and will continue each week until the school term ends in July. If there is rain, the training will be cancelled as it becomes unsafe. Children can come to their first session with no commitment to join, but after that they must join the club. This is an insurance requirement to protect the coaches and club. The head coach will have planned a program for training for each of the groups

 Ages 5 - 8 will be trained in the basics of cricket with games to develop throwing, catching, fielding and batting. The aim at the end of the training is that they should be competent to play kwik cricket (soft ball cricket)

 Ages 8 – 11 will be trained to play competitive games, building on the skills of bowling, batting and fielding. They will play pairs cricket with a soft ball in under 10 games and a hard ball in under 11 games (15 overs). 

 Ages 11 – 13 will use the cricket square and nets and build on their technique. They will play competitive games with a hard ball.

 Ages 14 - 15 will use the nets for batting and bowling practice. Play competitive games (20 over) in league cricket.

 Ages 13 – adult better players will be encouraged to participate in the longer format games (40 overs) at weekends  as well as the T20 cup games. All juniors will be assessed before being allowed to play in adult games and a coach will be around to ensure they are looked after.